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Book Launch Event Organizing

Not included in any package.

Book launch event organizing: we can help you organize a book launch event. We have organized around 30 such events and specialize in making an event successful. Includes venue rent, seating arrangement of 50 people, tea/coffee and snacks for all attendees, lights, loudspeaker, photographer, chief guests, gifts and flowers to chief guests, car pick up and drop for chief guests, invitation design and print, flex standee for event, invitation to media and reporters, anchor / emcee, inaguration packs. Read more.

Only Distribution

Already printed / published your book? Not getting enough response? Not sure how to promote or distribute it? Go for our only distribution and promotion package. Read more.

Newspaper advertisement

Included in King package only.

Get noticed by lakhs of readers. Go for a newspaper advertisement. Display your book in one of the advertisements of Power Publishers. Read more.

Editing and Proofreading

Included in King package. Optional in Queen package.

Get your typing, spelling and grammar errors corrected for Rs 50 per page, or total language improved and partly rewritten by a professional writer and editor for Rs 150 per page. Read more…

Video book trailer

Included in King package. Optional in Queen package.

A video book trailer is a 2 – 3 minute video about your book. It is similar to a feature film trailer, and is aimed to create awareness and buzz about your book. Costs Rs 5,000. Read more…

Illustrations for inside your book, by our artist

Not included in any package.

Illustrations are hand made sketches and drawings by our artists, custom made to decorate your book, and to go inside the pages in between the text. Cost: Rs 750 for each black and white illustration, and Rs 1,500 for each color illustration. Read more…

Book cover design

Included in all packages. You may require this service if you are only looking for a cover design or extra cover design.

An excellent book cover design by a highly experienced artist / designer; to make your book stand out costs Rs 3,000. Read more…


Required, if your manuscript is handwritten. Not included in any package.

If your book is hand-written, it needs to be computer typed first, before our editorial team can take it up. Cost: Rs 30 per page (English) and Rs 40 per page (Hindi). Read more…

Book ghostwriting

Not included in any package

If you do not have time of talent to write, but still need a book published in your name and can afford it, you can hire a ghostwriter who can write the book on your behalf. Just share your ideas and outline with our ghostwriter, and your book will be written in a month or two. Cost: Rs 600 per page for non-fiction books; Rs 700 per page for fiction books (novels, short stories, etc.) Read more…

Story to film

Get your short story made into a short film. In just 4 weeks we will script your story, shoot it with actors, edit it dub it and make it ready for you. Read more…

T-shirt with your book cover printed on it

Included only in King package

Promote your book by wearing a smart t-shirt with your book cover printed on it. Cost: Rs 990 each. Read more…

Book Revision After Publication

You may want to make certain changes even after your book is published. It was not possible to make changes to a book until the edition is all sold. Now get your book changed after publication any time. Inside content or / and book cover. Read more…

Book to Comicbook / Graphic Novel

Get your book adapted to a comicbook or graphic novel. We run an excellent comicbook service and have an art team that has successfully completed over 100 comicbooks and graphic novels. If you are a comicbook fan, or want to reach the younger generation, get your book made into a comicbook. Read more.

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